Saturday, August 01, 2009

Playing about

As well as the fun shibori workshop I've also been doing little bits of art/sewing at home. I bought a cheap hat in the sales but it just looked too folorn as it was - plain black paper straw with a plain black band and bow.

It looks much better with a piece of a charity shop scarf and a marcasite brooch sewn on to the side.

And here's a picture of me wearing it while having bad hair!

One of the Yahoo Groups that I follow was having a rock decorating challenge during July which I decided to participate in. I keep wondering what to draw on it and putting off the drawing because I wanted it to be 'right' until one day when I was having a nightmare with some paperwork. I just took out my sharpies, sat on the floor and enjoyed myself. Here's the result:

It's rather 'naive' but it's cute and it was really therapeutic so it makes me happy :)

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