Monday, August 17, 2009

The best laid plans are always scuppered by missing dye and a lack of time!

Well the whole week of creativity things was a bit of a washout. I didn't find those 4 little bags of dye and I didn't finish the top I was making and I really didn't feel like I got that much done. One little thing that I did do is dye pair of jeans that I wasn't wearing any more. I've come to realise that stonewash isn't a great colour on my pair-shaped hips. So I decided to dye them red!

The dye took in a really interesting way. Where there was a little bit of indigo dye the red hardly took giving the jeans a two-tone effect.

The stitching on the back pockets is much more prominent now too.

I hope I've got something to go with them now!

Somehow the week got away with me and all of a sudden it was Sunday. We attended a craft fair that was held in an old Norwegian Church in Cardiff.

It's not a very good photograph because it was taken on my mobile phone but I think my stand is looking better than at any other fair. The event was quite profitable too and include a couple of sales before lunch, which is practically unheard of for me.

So, a slow week but a good end.


Susan Italo said...

What a great idea-- overdye your jeans! I love the red, and can't wait to see how you finish altering these!

Suella said...

I'd love to know what dye and quanitites of it you used please. I had no idea that stone washed blue jeans would dye up this well. Impressive!

Thanks for the inspiration.