Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Very happy day

I had a great day today and most of that happiness arrived with the post lady. First of all I received a package of bezel cups for me to play with resin collages. The next package was issue 6 of Making Jewellery magazine with my Inspirations article in. As always the article looked lovely but there was a surprise for me on the last page where I was credited for inspiring a jeweller to write in about himself and his own inspirations.

The third surprise for me was a lovely little package from Wendy, a very active textile and multi-media artist from the Cloth Paper Studio Yahoo Group. It was a reward for posting my decorated rock in her challenge and it is very much appreciated by me.

Look at all the lovely colours in there! My rock was the first thing I had posted to this group as I tend to not be very confident about my creativity. Hence the gift being so welcome as it's a really good reward for me being brave and putting my work out there. Thank you Wendy!

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