Monday, July 20, 2009

And it rained...

Yes, as always there was rain at the Caerleon Arts Festival but a lot of fun was had thanks to the friendliness of other stall holders and some great, eclectic entertainment on the central stage when it wasn't raining.

I've still got a lot of improvements to do my stand but it's not looking to bad here. People love the sale stock in the decorated black box as it feels rummagable but without the pound shop feel!

This is how muddy it was inside the marquees! At the top of the field the mud looked like chocolate on the Sunday.

The theme of the fair was sheep so we had some very tame ones in the main part of the field and the sculptures were all based on sheep.

Every year the sculptors are given huge hunks of wood or even whole trees and they use chisels and chainsaws to turn thm into something fantastic.

So a very wet and tiring but fun and worthwhile weekend.

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