Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My work in an exhibition!

One of the galleries local to us runs an annual Open Art exhibition and I've always enjoyed going to see the work (which is of a very good standard) but this is the first year that I've entered. Most pieces are fairly traditional watercolours and oil paintings so I took in 2 embroideries - 1 was a portrait of my tabby cat done using free machine emboidery, the other was an image of trees and a stream which I mainly hand-stitched but also used small pebbles for the rocks at the edge of the stream and organza for the water. I was really happy to hear that my 2nd picture had been selected to be part of the exhibition and I went to collect the unwanted one today.

The standard was even better this year than previously and most of the work was incredible. I even considered buying a couple of pieces but I'm not sure where I could fit them in the house. It was very strange to see my work on the wall next to these amazing pieces, especially as it is pretty small and a few paintings were a couple of feet across. Although it doesn't look as good to me as some of the other work, I am proud to have it selected and being seen by probably hundreds of people throught the 6 weeks that the exhibition is on for. I know that I won't win a prize but it's still an achievement for me and gives me the impetus to do more work and enter again.The image is a little dark but hopefully you can get an idea of the 3D nature of this picture and the way that the stones and some of the threads overlap the mounting.


Suella said...

Nice emroidery and Love the pebbles! How did you mount them on the fabric?

Kira said...

The pebbles were sewn into small pieces of nylon tights then those packages were sewn onto the backing fabric. The tights washed out the colour of the pebbles so I used some acrylic paint and a sponge to dapple them. I've been told that people are reaching out and touching it in the gallery - probably not allowed but great for me that they're fascinated by it :)