Saturday, June 27, 2009

Panic over...

The samples were finished, the meeting went well and I actually have time to breath again, just. Here are a couple of images of what I was working on:

The first sample uses bits and bobs that I've saved including children's sticky-backed foam for the white picket fence, silk used for felting for the foliage, black ribbon and a vintage button on the gate. I also did some rustic-style cretan stitch to give the thatched roof some texture and added beads into the bush for flowers.

The second sample is simpler to give the workshop participants some choice. It's a community project so there will be a mix of abilities and previously known skills. This will be easier for the less able to do as it just involves cutting out simple shapes and fusing them onto the background with Bondaweb.

I'm pretty pleased with these although with more time I think they could have looked better. A community project is more about participating, meeting people and feeling part of something, though, so I don't need to go overboard trying to make gallery-quality pieces. I'm just waiting to hear when we're going to start now.

Which means that I have a tiny bit of time back to hopefully make some jewellery and maybe even try whizzing up a dress (Wedding in 3 weeks - can I make something by then?).

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