Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why does my studio never look like they do in the magazines?

Have you noticed how in magazine articles artists' studios are always immaculately tidy with materials stored in beautifully painted vintage dressers and ribbon hanging from easily accessible poles placed strategically over a clear desk. Have you noticed that they all have a knack of folding their fabric samples so that no edges are visible and they're sorted by colour on the shelves? Is this normal? Do their studios always look like this or is there some wonderful set somewhere that they all use for photo shoots. Because if it's real I want to know why my studio doesn't look the same! I've been working on some urgent samples so my studio seems to have exploded this week.

Of course, it doesn't help that my roughly 10ft by 8ft studio is filled with fabrics, sewing machines, beads, findings, art materials, electrical equipment and cats but I still think it would be nice to work in an ordered pastel paradise like those in the magazines.

I know that once I've finished this project and tidied up the floor my studio won't look half this bad but it's always just waiting to explode again.


Laura said...

Oh I hear you on that one!

Joy Funnell said...

If you think that looks bad you should see mine! Amazing I find room to do anything in it. Keep promising myself a major clear up but there is always something better isn't there :)