Saturday, May 02, 2009

I've had this idea in my mind for a month or two but have just got around to trying it. I had a pair of jeans that used to be skin-tight but over the years the stretch has given out and they looked neither tight nor loose - so rather yuck in fact. I decided to do a bit of decorating to see if that made them look better at took 'steampunk' as a vague theme.

Here's a before and after...

They're not bad but I had hoped they'd be better. The sample I did before-hand was done on cream calico so the colours come through a lot better and the images are more visible.

I think they'll be ok, though.

Next I'd like to make something from scratch - maybe a printed skirt or a kaftan - something for the nicer weather we're now getting.


Ricë said...

very cool! you might try bleaching areas first, then doing the stencil--it would show up more as you'd imagined, plus it would add to the steampunk look, you think?

Kira said...

They were already stonewash jeans but maybe the 'tea dye' look I gave them was too much. At least Steampunk isn't meant to be perfect!

Suella said...

Actually, I like the suble all-over patterns that you've achieved. The tea will wash out and then perhaps you can re-assess what you've done.
I like it!