Friday, April 03, 2009

Well, I've had a great day today. First I drove to Swansea and met with jewellery designer Tanya Igic to discuss her article in the magazine I'm writing for: Making Jewellery, then I spent an hour gardening which is always relaxing for me, finally I tumbled the silver that I kiln-fired the other night and finally have a couple of pieces of new jewellery to show you. They're the first of a new range of fine silver jewellery that I hope to have on sale pretty soon but you're getting a sneak preview.

They're only quick photos and I think I might need to use larger jump rings but I'm really happy with them and I'm looking forward to getting them in production.

Images and ideas (c) Kira Jones Jewellery 2009

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Clair Wolfe said...

I love them, can not wait to see them when we get together in Caerleon. I think you will have trouble keeping up with demand...gorgeous. Buggers, wish I had made them, not often envious, but I will allow my self to be over these beauties.....x