Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New year, new start...

Well here we are in 2010 with a slightly rounder tummy after the sedation and feasting of Christmas and a rather fuller pile of books by the bed due to the lovely presents of craft books that I received. The holidays went by in a flash so all my plans of sewing, designing and planning for the future didn't come to as much as I hoped they would. I did manage to finish a jersey skirt which I might show you once I've ironed it for the photos, re-hem and dye some jeans and do some snow dyeing:
I layered up a few pieces of fabric and piled the snow on top then drizzled dyes onto the melting snow. I couldn't find the right type of dye but didn't want the snow to go before I'd tried this so I used Jacquard Lumiere and Dyna Flow dyes.
The results are a little bit paler than I would have liked because it was the wrong type of dye but I did get some nice marbling in areas and I think that the fabrics will make good backgrounds for stitching on.
Now to the new start ... I've decided to move my blog to wordpress. I can host the blog on my own domain, so have a simpler address, and there are more tools that I can use to make the blog what I want it to be. From now on you'll need to change your bookmarks to: . See you there!

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