Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've finally got 2 of the sewing items I was working on over Christmas finished. Yay! I had a couple of problems then got busy as I'm sure everyone did once the new year really kicked in but I persevered and have 2 finished projects (quite rare for me!). I'm pretty happy with them but there's one or two alterations that I might make.

This T-shirt began life as a dress. I loved the fabric but, as I'm slightly pear-shaped, a full-length, jersey halter-neck really didn't suit me. I wore it once to a party before realising what a mistake it was and, not wanting to let go of the lovely fabric, I made a T-shirt from it using New Look 6078. It's straight from the pattern with no alterations except for stitching up another inch of the armhole once it was complete as it looked a little funny. I'm really pleased with this and I will wear it.

My second project is a wrap skirt from the book "Make Your Own Clothes" by Marie Clayton. The book includes very basic pattern-making software so that you can input your own measurements and make the set projects.

I'm less pleased with this one but I think that's due to the material. It's still wearable but the curved hem at the front is rather dodgy. The material I chose was a cheap sarong from Sri Lanka. It's very polyester with a rubbery printed pattern which caused the rolled hem to buckle everytime I went over a section of print. I was only trying out the pattern, though, and it will make a good cover-up by the pool.

So hurray I finished something! Time to find a new project :)

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